viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2014

Sam Elliot!

sam elliot
Hello friends.

This is Sam Elliot and it's one of these actors who you always watch and think "Hey, this guy is the man for this character..." and you watch him again and think the same again...And when over the years you watch him again turns to think the same over and over again...Haha...

The question is: who's he?. And the answer is: SAM ELLIOT!.

All the characters he selects are rude gentlemans, maybe a general in "Hulk", a rider (ghost) in "Ghost Rider", maybe a security man in "Roadhouse" and even a rude motorcycle rider in the "Mask" as friend of Cher in the movie.

So this is my tribute to this great secondary actor.

I hope you like it as much as I did painting it.

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

ORDESA: Cola De Caballo

Hi friends.

This is one of the most amazing landscapes you can watch in the #Pirineos mountains, Spain. It's called "Cola De Caballo" and its a route through these beautiful mountains inside the National Park called Ordesa. 

The visits are limited during each day and the access is regulated with a Bus you can take in the initial part of the National Park we are talking about: Ordesa.

What you can watch in the far plane, on the background, is the "Cazadores" route, a risky route not recommended for beginners but with the most beautiful perspectives of the national Park.

I encourage you to visit this National Park, in the best part of the Pirineos mountains of Spain, ARAGÓN. :)

Ordesa, cola de caballo

Thanks for watching it!.

#coladecaballo, #ordesa, #pirineos, #aragon

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

The Fantastic Four!

Hello friends!.
Here you are my last cover, about these incredible superheroes: The #Fantastic #Four.
Fantastic four

But they can become the worst adapted group of superheroes in the history. Marvel is not driving this correctly and is taking some changes in the characters which are hard to assume...for instance, the idea of seeing the Human Torch black is something which we can't understand: why?. 

And, why another reboot?. It's like if The Fantastic Four hadn't hundreds of histories for being adapted in order to make even an epic movie beating the latest superproductions of the latest 100 years.

One of the most charismatic group of superheroes is in risk to became the most forgotten among many others.

Why not making five movies about the Skrulls??. 
Why not making a movie dedicated to each of Heralds of Galactus?.

I won't understand the policy of Marvel with this superhero group. :-/

Definitelly I won't go to watch their latest movie, which is practically finished. i don't need more (disaster) reboots in less than 8 years.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this, my tribute to these great guys who have saved our planet so many times. ;) 

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Fito Cabrales


Let me show you my last caricature. It's only a sketch but it's very reperesentative of who's he.

He's Fito Cabrales, vocalist and guitarist and leader of Fito y Fitipaldis.

Something curious I've detected when he gives an interview is that he's always asked about the drugs. And as he recognizes he has tasted all the drugs. In this interview unfortunately,

 he has been asked about the possible case in which his sons could taste the drugs and he answered answers not so appropiated for a public and famous person to this fans: "I would like to give them (his sons) the freedom to taste the drugs: That's the life".

Fito, you're wrong. Fix this please and talk bad about drugs. In other interview in the past he said something like:"I can't talk bad about drugs".  Fito, please fix this too.

In my opinion, these kind of thinkings should be told in a bar or in private. You shouldn't told this to your fans because they don't deserve such an advices like these. On the other hand, millions of euros of our national budget are spent for nothing, when are invested in the fight against drugs in Spain...

A good friend of mine told me that if you wanna fully enjoy an artist's music, forget all about his private life...But one thing is his private life and another thing are his public declarations.

Anyway, here you are the best song he has released: ENJOY IT!

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

And now, rendering them with Arion!.

Hello again.

As I told you in my last post, the next phase would be rendering them all and this is what I've done, as you can watch in this , which is my latest post:


I took some stills making a serie of them from some different points.

So I hope you've enjoyed this post as much a I've done.

See you soon!.

martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Playing a bit with Rhinoceros!

This time you won't watch any freehanded illustration. This is the time for the 3DMODELLING discipline and this fantastic 3D program!.

Rhinoceros is a parametric program with a so easy great learning curve and very powerful.

Is perfect for boolean operations and for nurbs, because this is its native way of modelling.

Rhinoceros has features which 3DSMAX hasn't got, for instance the tapping of holes through a surface based in some dregrees higher than a planar surface, really useful in some circumstances. And the extrusion of a plane letter which can be a real headache in 3DSMAX is question of seconds with Rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros has received the support of many 3rd party collaborators, which have developed several modules. On of the most interesting modules Rhinoceros can run as a perfect and well integrated plugin are: Rhino Emboss and T-splines, from Autodesk (curious!).

I've modelled this mouse and that means the rendering phase is near!.

domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014


WoW, WonderWoman!

I didn't want to repeat again with a landscape so this time here you are one of my favourite superheroes : Mrs WonderWoman!.

We are a legion of fans who are demanding a movie of her, alone or among the League Of Justice.

When will DCComics release a movie where we can watch her??.

Meanwhile, we can watch WonderWoman here, at my blog. He he. ;)

Enjoy the cover.

Best Regards.

#WonderWoman #DCcomics

viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

A fast painting of a landscape in the province of Cuenca, Spain

landscape of Cuenca


I wanted to change a bit the line of my publishings.

This is why you can watch a #landscape based in #Cuenca, a province of #Spain.

I hope you like it.

Kind regards.

lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

Spiderman and Juggernaut


This is Spiderman and...Who's behind him meanwhile Spidermand is checking if it's camera it's ok?. Oh, I think he's Juggernaut...Oh yess, He is.

The history of Juggernaut is amazing, and he's one of the supervillians who most liked when I was a child and read the comic of when Spiderman had to fight against him and he could only gain time and achieving that Juggernaut fell into a really deep pound of wet concrete.

Marvel could make a new movie of Spiderman and Juggernaut and they could create an unforgettable movie which I'm sure that would impress fans as much made it this comic when I was a child.

Thanks for reading me and...See you next time!.

Kind regards.

#Spiderman #Juggernaut

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

Rocket and Groot!, from the Guardians Of The Galaxy

Hello again.

These two of the characters are the most rare of the four who are the Guardians Of The Galaxy and who called me specially my atention.

I'm gonna watch this movie this evening, attending to the premiere of the movie, the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

This is the final color version:

Groot Rocket Guardians Of The Galaxy

And here you are the sketch of my next illustration.

Guardians of the galaxy Groot Rocket

#rocket #groot #Guardiansofthegalaxy #rocketandgroot

martes, 29 de julio de 2014

A simple landscape painted with my 3'7" Motorola Defy...Just so funny!

landscape motorola


This was a fast painting made on my 3'7" Motorola cellular phone (and my fingers).

As always, is the best way to kill some times when you get bored, aren't you?.

See you soon , with new paintings, the next time some much more serious and important forme. He he...

#landscape #motorola #Defy #cellular #fingers

viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Captain America, one of my favourite superheroes

Hello again.

This could perfeclty be a cover for a Marvel's comic of Captain America.

Did you know that Captain America is one of my favourite superheroes?. It's like if he had some kind of feelings and behaviours in something like a "mute" mode.

He is the supersolider, the perfect soldier!.

He defends his nation and all the thinkings that make a nation great and powerful.

The last movie about Captain America was the most I liked. I didn't expect who was the winter soldier and all the history about the Hydra infiltration was really amazing.

I hope that Marvel continues producing and releasing new Captain America's movies.

Thanks for watching it!.

#captain #america #illustration #marvel

martes, 1 de julio de 2014

This is my "Transcendt " pendrive painted with my fingers in my 3.7" Motorola Defy.

This is one of my pendrives.

I started to paint it meanwhile I was taking a rest after playing padel, sat on my sofa.

It's a bit hard to make lines/edges as perfect as they should or at least as I wish to but SketchBook Xpress doesn't offer any kind of help for this question, so the only way is correct and correct and your practice and hability...

The Xpress version has only 3 layers to paint, but for me it's enough. If you can manage them well  you can paint all what you want.

See you soon.

miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

Felipe VI the King of Spain!

Felipe VI King Of spain

Hello again!.

He's our new king, the King of Spain Felipe VI .

We know several things at one day before the ceremony:

a).-It will be a ceremony without non invitation for anyone. I don't know who has decided not to invite any member or high representation of any country or friendly monarchy. Let me express that it seems like if they don't want it to be wide open public, to the entire world.

b).-It will be a ceremony with no cross all over the room.

c).-It will be a ceremony with non catholic signals or signs and of course, it won't be a religious ceremony. We are traditionally a catholic country so I don't understand why we must hide this aspect, a historic aspect from which we should be and feel proud.

And the next thing:

What do you think about the flag?. In Spain it's sooo badly considered showing our flag... If you wear your country's flag you will be called FASCIST and this is something that our new king should start to change. It's time to change all these aspects of this, his and my country has.

In the Felipe VI's wedding day (when he still was Prince of Spain) we couldn't watch any Spanish flag. Why?. Only he and her wife know why. This was so well prepared that when you were watching our (now) Kings in their wedding day you didn't really know in which country did they were celebrating their ceremony: NO FLAG COULD BE WATCHED in the Almudena's Cathedral or along the ride by the Madrid city where they decided to pass.

So the question is: Will we can watch any flag all along the streets of the Spanish capital, Madrid?.

Anyway, good luck Felipe VI and I desire you the best and we all hope that you keep the unity of our country, because this is your main role: DON'T FORGET IT. Your father has left you the worst heritage which can be dropped from a king to his prince: a country with real and dangerous problems of political destruction with risk of fraticidal HATE and CIVIL WAR (consequences of missaction for the last 39 years).

Let's wait 24h and see what happens. :)

#FelipeVI #Felipe #VI #Leticia #Ortiz #King

lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Peter Dinklage in XMEN as Bolivar Trask!

Peter Dinklage Bolivar Trask


Did you watch the last X-MEN's movie?. I loved it!.

One of the characters I liked the most was Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) because you never expect that such a midget could create a big impact in the future not only towards the mutants, to the entire humanity.

One thing I'm disagree is in the strategy of Marvel for dedicating only one movie to the whole saga of the Sentinels . I think that Sentinels' saga deserves at least two movies instead of only one.

I'd love to watch an explanation with all kind of details of how do the sentinels were created and the evolution of them.

This is why I wanted to show in this my last illustration how the sentinels look like at firsttime, in their origins when I painted to the responsible of all of them BOLIVAR TRASK ( Peter Dinklage ).

#Peter #Dinklage #BOLIVAR #TRASK #XMEN #sentinels

domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

Congratulations Rafa Nadal for your 9th Roland Garros !!

Today Rafa Nadal has won his 9th Grand Slam at Roland Garros.
He has made history "even more" than what we could expect when he won his first Roland Garros.

Rafa, you are the best tennis player in at Roland Garros and the number one.

You are a great person in and out the court and you have demonstrated to be one of the best models for the next generations for the Spanish people and the rest of the children in the world.
Enjoy your last success and we hope to see you the next year, at Roland Garros, wining it again!!.

Here's my sketch, base for my next Rafa Nadal's illustration .

Rafa Nadal Roland Garros 2014

#Rafa #Nadal

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Morgan Freeman

Here's my last tribute: Happy birthday Morgan!.

Morgan Freeman illustration

Here you are my last tribute to an actor I love.

Morgan Freeman has specialized in serious and powerful characters, for instance, president of the USA, GOD...You know... :)

The other day was his birthday, and he's 77.

I'm watching him lately in a documental episodies for TV about the cosmos and astronomy, really interesting.

#morgan #freeman

viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

Maléfica / Maleficent

malefica maleficient

She's Maléfica or Maleficient.

She's Angelina Jolie and she shows us a really interesting version of this witch, updated with the best special effects in the last Disney's movie which must be watched with our sons , nephews, etc.

martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Cristina Seguí

Hello friends.

Here you are my last illustration/caricatura: Cristina Seguí!.

Cristina Segui VOX

She's member of the new party recently created called VOX. VOX was born as a result of the self-rejection of the PP's identity, the current party in the Spanish government, which counts with the best and biggest support of the Spanish people. 

They are conservative, libertarian and cristian and they aspire to take the governement Mariano Rajoy reject to execute. 

Can you imagine a president like her?. What are you telling me...Don't you know who's she?. Ok, you can listen to her and get an idea of what VOX can do for our country, devastated by Mr. Zapatero and "suspended" in the deep of the cesspool by Mariano Rajoy with the surprisingly (for a supposed conservative leader and party) continuation of the Zapatero's program.

So here you are, intelligence and beauty, for our candidate for the next general elections: VOTE VOX! ;)

miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

R.I.P. Bob Hoskins

 The color version

Bob Hoskins

                                            The sketch version


Today we must say goodbye and rest in peace to this great actor.

He fitted perfect for some characters in so many movies that made possible we could watch him in at least 70 films.

When I was a child I got a bit confused when I watch him and Jack, Jack Nicholson, oh my!. :) . But this is only a bit of humor trying to turn this into something less sad.

I hope you like it.


lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Another fast painting in my Motorola Defy


This is another fast painting, painted meanwhile I was waiting for my family member (again) in the hospital.

I found a trash bin in the waiting room just in front of me and I took out my Motorola Defy and started to paint it.

SketchBook Xpress has only three layers to paint on but if you know how to save these limited resources you can manage them well and get the best of this great painting apk for Android.

Within around 10 minutes I got it finished.

Thanks for watching it!.

jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Painted with my fingers in the hospital


This is painting invented meanwhile I was waiting for in the hospital.

The SketchBook Xpress for Android cellular phones, my 3.4" screen of my Motorola Defy and my fingers can create a result so interesting like this.

Sketchbook Xpress still live

This was a fast painting with this fantastic software called Sketchbook Xpress.

Thanks for watching it!.

martes, 8 de abril de 2014

A new spring landscape

 spring landscape
Hello, this is a new landscape painted with Photoshop. I prefer the ArtRage 

package instead of this, the Photoshop. The Bristl Brushes and its technology for mixing the colours are far away to reach the ArtRage bristl brushes one.

Maybe I paint another version with ArtRage or maybe no.

It depends on the time I have got the next days.

Meanwhile, I leave you this experiment.

Thanks for watching it!.

martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Torcuato Fernández-Miranda Hevia

Here's the sketch of Torcuato Fernández-Miranda Hevia, the real engineer in the dark of the failed Spanish transition. In the beginning all was right and the Spanish people were happy with it. He built the basis and the structure for the construction of a democracy. But the inherent problems of the nacionalism and separatist movements destroyed the great work of this awesome politician who from the darkness, worked hard for Adolfo Suárez and the future of the Spanish people.

The Constitution (designed for separatist who never have been happy) and the corrupted State (due to a non independence of all the 3 powers of the State) have thrown to the garbage all his work.

In the days we are celebrating the funeral of Adolfo Suárez, we must remember
Mr. Torcuato Fernández-Miranda Hevia, the great forgotten of the early history of Spain.

You can watch the sketch of him:

Torcuato Fernández-Miranda Hevia

And here the final result:

Torcuato Fernández-Miranda Hevia

See you next time!.

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

It's time to paint a tribute to Martin Scorsese. I haven't watched his last film...YET.

Every film Scorsese has directed has impressed me not only for the art direction, for the scripting and the history of each of his films.

One of my favorite films is "Casino".

Have a nice day!.


viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014

Something Epic!.

cover epic game

This a cover for a game.

The title of this illustration could be "Epic". ;)

I hope you like it!.

domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman: R.I.P.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

This is my tribute to this actor. Rest in peace. I got surprised when I read it  today. He was only 46 and the first steps in the investigation point to a problem with drugs.

jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor

Hello!. This is the time for the emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte The Emperor. And this was one of the several tryings for the constitution of the whole Europe under only one leader. After him would arrive others as the British and unfortunately, and partially, Hitler...But this is another tragic history (the shame of Europe).

As Spaniard, I would tell you that we celebrate when we recovered our country  against Napoleon with what we call "The Independence War" (1808-1814) and it's celebrated each 2nd of may every year. From this date we wrote and approved our first Constitution, the "PEPA" in Cádiz City (called as "Constitution Of Cadiz" too).

It's told that Napoleon said , in his retire island of Elba that "all his nigthmares and problems started from his lost in the Independence War Of Spain". The Russian front and other little problems which became too big to fight against for made his empire collapse.

jueves, 16 de enero de 2014


matt forte chicago bears
Hello!. This is Matt Forte, another one football player painted for the company. ;) . He's with the uniform of the Chicago Bears football team, one of the strongest in the NFL.

jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

Quentin Tarantino!

quentin tarantino caricature

Hello!. This is Quentin, Quentin Tarantino. He's a great director with some great movies on his back. With a characteristic and personal style behind the camera has made history in Hollywood and the best actors of the moment have always taken part in his projects.

The film I liked the most is "Django Unchained" and "Inglourious Basterds", which are the ones where you can enjoy the awesome characters interpreted by Christophe Waltz, one of my favourite actors in these days.

He has won only one Oscar but he has a lot to tell and show. The show must go on!.