martes, 19 de julio de 2016

WAJAM Malware: how to disable

Did you get infected by wajam malware?.


You should follow the next steps:

A).-Uninstall wajam directly from your control panel.
B).-Uninstall wajam, the extension linked to your web browser.

The most struggling which after making the two steps of before you notice that still your screen gets filled with advertisements on the top, on the bottom, in the middle and videos who assault your screen:

C).-Kill the processes (yes, you can have more than one running at the same time, trying to fill your web pages with advertisements immediatelly after you have closed them) which adopt different names to " wajam ". In my case were called: "YYQZBI": 
Open your tasks administrator with CTRL+ALT+SUPR and search the processes called like this, remember:"YYQZBI".

And when you accomplish the third point, restart your computer.

This is how I eliminate this F****G malware. :) :) :) 

I hope this help you.

Kind regards.