lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

Spiderman and Juggernaut


This is Spiderman and...Who's behind him meanwhile Spidermand is checking if it's camera it's ok?. Oh, I think he's Juggernaut...Oh yess, He is.

The history of Juggernaut is amazing, and he's one of the supervillians who most liked when I was a child and read the comic of when Spiderman had to fight against him and he could only gain time and achieving that Juggernaut fell into a really deep pound of wet concrete.

Marvel could make a new movie of Spiderman and Juggernaut and they could create an unforgettable movie which I'm sure that would impress fans as much made it this comic when I was a child.

Thanks for reading me and...See you next time!.

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