martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Playing a bit with Rhinoceros!

This time you won't watch any freehanded illustration. This is the time for the 3DMODELLING discipline and this fantastic 3D program!.

Rhinoceros is a parametric program with a so easy great learning curve and very powerful.

Is perfect for boolean operations and for nurbs, because this is its native way of modelling.

Rhinoceros has features which 3DSMAX hasn't got, for instance the tapping of holes through a surface based in some dregrees higher than a planar surface, really useful in some circumstances. And the extrusion of a plane letter which can be a real headache in 3DSMAX is question of seconds with Rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros has received the support of many 3rd party collaborators, which have developed several modules. On of the most interesting modules Rhinoceros can run as a perfect and well integrated plugin are: Rhino Emboss and T-splines, from Autodesk (curious!).

I've modelled this mouse and that means the rendering phase is near!.