martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Alfredo Landa...Practising Freestyle with a Vespa?

alfredo landa humor caricatureHi folks!...In this case I've made a sketch of Alfredo Landa practising something that shouldn't do: Freestyle!!...And much more, with a Vespa!. It's a crazy idea but...Here you are...I hope you like it.

Alfredo Landa is a classic among the actors in Spain and represented in the 60s the typical Spanish "macho-man"...Hahaha...The best comedies in spain were taken by this great actor to our local cinemas during more than a decade and I thought that this was a good tribute to his artwork.

Thanks Alfredo Landa!

Kind regards.

(Edited on 10th May of 2013)

Alfredo Landa died yesterday. R.I.P.

A fans group of Vespa motorcycles found my sketch good enough for illustrating their tribute to this great actor and they included this, my sketch, inside it.

Here you are: