domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Fito Cabrales


Let me show you my last caricature. It's only a sketch but it's very reperesentative of who's he.

He's Fito Cabrales, vocalist and guitarist and leader of Fito y Fitipaldis.

Something curious I've detected when he gives an interview is that he's always asked about the drugs. And as he recognizes he has tasted all the drugs. In this interview unfortunately,

 he has been asked about the possible case in which his sons could taste the drugs and he answered answers not so appropiated for a public and famous person to this fans: "I would like to give them (his sons) the freedom to taste the drugs: That's the life".

Fito, you're wrong. Fix this please and talk bad about drugs. In other interview in the past he said something like:"I can't talk bad about drugs".  Fito, please fix this too.

In my opinion, these kind of thinkings should be told in a bar or in private. You shouldn't told this to your fans because they don't deserve such an advices like these. On the other hand, millions of euros of our national budget are spent for nothing, when are invested in the fight against drugs in Spain...

A good friend of mine told me that if you wanna fully enjoy an artist's music, forget all about his private life...But one thing is his private life and another thing are his public declarations.

Anyway, here you are the best song he has released: ENJOY IT!

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

And now, rendering them with Arion!.

Hello again.

As I told you in my last post, the next phase would be rendering them all and this is what I've done, as you can watch in this , which is my latest post:


I took some stills making a serie of them from some different points.

So I hope you've enjoyed this post as much a I've done.

See you soon!.