lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Peter Dinklage in XMEN as Bolivar Trask!

Peter Dinklage Bolivar Trask


Did you watch the last X-MEN's movie?. I loved it!.

One of the characters I liked the most was Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) because you never expect that such a midget could create a big impact in the future not only towards the mutants, to the entire humanity.

One thing I'm disagree is in the strategy of Marvel for dedicating only one movie to the whole saga of the Sentinels . I think that Sentinels' saga deserves at least two movies instead of only one.

I'd love to watch an explanation with all kind of details of how do the sentinels were created and the evolution of them.

This is why I wanted to show in this my last illustration how the sentinels look like at firsttime, in their origins when I painted to the responsible of all of them BOLIVAR TRASK ( Peter Dinklage ).

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