miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

ORDESA: Cola De Caballo

Hi friends.

This is one of the most amazing landscapes you can watch in the #Pirineos mountains, Spain. It's called "Cola De Caballo" and its a route through these beautiful mountains inside the National Park called Ordesa. 

The visits are limited during each day and the access is regulated with a Bus you can take in the initial part of the National Park we are talking about: Ordesa.

What you can watch in the far plane, on the background, is the "Cazadores" route, a risky route not recommended for beginners but with the most beautiful perspectives of the national Park.

I encourage you to visit this National Park, in the best part of the Pirineos mountains of Spain, ARAGÓN. :)

Ordesa, cola de caballo

Thanks for watching it!.

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