viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Oriol Junqueras

Hey!. What's the matter with my brain??. Where that mosquito came from?

Oriol Junqueras Goebbles Radovan Karadzic caricature

He's Oriol Junqueras. He's a secessionist leader in the region of CataluÑa, Spain.He believes that breaking his country, SPAIN, will save all his voters and his region, CataluÑa. As all the nationalists, he's full of hate against his own citizens and his mosquito's brain can't leave think clear. 

He and his party use methods and techniques in terms of propaganda which remember to the

Joseph Goebbels' and Radovan Karadžić ones and his party uses a flag of an ex-terrorist group called Tierra Libre (Terra Lliure) as you can watch here

and here .

Depending on when the government of Mariano Rajoy will turn off this illegal party and finish off this nightmare all spaniards will rest peacefully.

Enjoy the illustration!.

lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013


José Manuel Calderón Dallas Mavericks
jose manuel calderon dallas mavericks

Hello. He's José Manuel Calderón. He's one of the best guards in Spain and has played in the NBA since he won with the rest of the Spanish team the World Championship of Japan, in 2006. Since then he has played in Toronto Raptors among other foreign players.

He's ready to start a new season with the Dallas Mavericks NBA team together with Monta Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki.

I desire him GOOD LUCK!!.

This is my sketch by now.

And here you are the final result.

jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013


Hello. He's John Kerry. He has to deal with Obama with the decision of whether attack Syria or no. Obama has abondoned the foreign policies of the USA, according to his way of thinking that the USA don't have to demonstrate to the world that they must keep the peace on it. 

John Kerry Syria

The leftists and antiamericans guided by the hand of Putin started to doubt the informations of the CIA (just like in the case of the war in Irak) which assure that Syrian Government have launched chemical weapons against rebels. 

This is what happens when you avoid to take a firm decission since you take the power and control of the most powerful country in the world. Things don't get solved by themselves and if Obama is wating for that is really really wrong with that.

Obama, being the president of the USA doesn't mean sing raps, dissapear from the international scene and don't take hard decisions. 

Someone has launched chemical weapons in a war and the USA can't be just like if nothing has happened. If this is the price for your NO ACTIONS in your foreign policies you have to deal with the consequences of situations like these, where things can only get worse.

Here you are how G.W.Bush take the control of two wars and the excellent results he achieved in Irak and Afghanistan. 

Even with the "help" of Kerry ("the looser") you must change your way of making things out of the States.