miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

Night At The Museum!

Hello folks!. This is a tribute to the movies about the "nights At The Museum. I love them all!.
#Nightatthemuseum Ben Stiller

I watched these films before and after my nephews exist and the experience is quite different. In the first way of watching the film you enjoy them with the baby you have inside yours and in the second way you are worried whether they enjoy as much you expected or not and you try to enjoy together with them all the way. #Ben Stiller is one of my favourite actors and it would be a wonderful idea if he could make a third part more apart of these two previous parts of #Nightatthemuseum.

Additionally I'd like to remember how good was Robin Williams as actor (and as person too: I remember when he visit the US troops in the Irak conflict to make them laugh and support the best he could do) .

So this is my tribute to both movies which I enjoyed in these two ways.

I hope you like it.

See you soon!. ;)

martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Michael Moore...Coward?

michael moore


Last night I was watching FOXNews and listened to some words from Michael Moore saying that are snipers  "cowards"...He didn't mention "American Sniper" , the last movie of Clint Eastwood but he could say this long time before or wait for months after the release of the movie.

How can an american citizen that a sniper is a "coward"?. Maybe he could say the same of a general, couldn't he?. Or any other official which is not fighting on the battlefiled...

Dos he know that this movie is about A HERO?. Maybe he wants to boost the propaganda campaign of the movie, in which case we all would be glad to watch the movie. But I fear that these weren't the intentions of Mr. Moore. He has some kind of problem which can't let him think clearly. 

As I heard from FOXNews last night: Mr. Moore doesn't know what the sacrifice is. Mr Moore doesn't know that some people give their lives in order to ensure the freedom, the ability to get rich as Mr. Moore has become (MR. MOORE IS RICH) and the peace in their country (and more concretely the Mr. Moore country).

What a pity which Mr. Moore didn't know how a good movie has to be filmed, and he didn't work with good actors as Bradley Cooper or Sienna Miller. He won't make a movie like this NEVER IN HIS LIFE. 

Sometimes I think he is fill of hate and angry...Sometimes I think he hates himself...I think he's depressed and is not happy with his life.

Someone who says that about HEROES can't be ok...

#michaelmoore #michaelmoorecoward

martes, 13 de enero de 2015

Eric Holder


He's Eric Holder, the former  Attorney General of the USA.

I watched him recently in the last rally in Paris aginst the latest islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and I thought:"why not painting him?" :) . So here you are:
Eric Holder

viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

Happy new year from Canfranc!

Hello!. How about your entrance in this new year?.

It's a pleasure to show you this my last landscape , from Canfranc, one of the most beautiful regions in the Pirineos Mountin system.

Canfranc is a Village located in the south side of the Pirineos mountin systems and has one of the oldest and biggest train stations in Spain.

This is a part of the facilities previous to the train station.

Bye and I wish you a happy new year with my best wishes!.