lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

My first winter landscape

Hi my friends!

I wanted to paint some time ago a winter landscape and I friend of mine let me use her photo to use as a reference...It's not exactly as the original but it was basically based on the reference photo till the 80% of the final result.

I wish you Merry Christmas!

Kind Regards.

And a few modifications for a better result...

jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

Matthew Mcconaughey

Hey Matthew!!

I'm thinking about changing something...Or maybe no...Err...I will give take a few hours more before the continuation of this project...

He's a good actor and has a visible success with women so, he deserves a good result.


And here's the next step...I think it's all decided...Only a few details to refine and correct. My good friend Pedro Solano told me to paint some , I've said some?, oh let's say a swarm of girls, crazy girls for this gentleman...Hehehe!...Taking photos from him...I will see what I do...

And here the last stage before the final result. He has become "older" but, Matthew...The time goes by and we can't be young forever!!...

Soon the next changes and the final result.

And here the final result. Only a few changes and I think it's OK.

I hope you like it.

martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Vincent Cassel Caricature

Vincent Cassel humor caricatureI was reading and it inspirated me to sketch and paint this caricature. Why?. In its home they talked about him as the typical success french people.

He was easy to caricaturize and was really funny.

Hard to stop the process of the caricature and convert it to an illustration...

A good actor and I discovered him in the movie called "Derilled". Although I couldn't stop watching Jennifer Aniston I had a bit of attention to dedicate to him along the film. Hehehe...

I recommend you this movie.

And I hope, as always, that you enjoy my caricature so much as I've done.