martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Cristina Seguí

Hello friends.

Here you are my last illustration/caricatura: Cristina Seguí!.

Cristina Segui VOX

She's member of the new party recently created called VOX. VOX was born as a result of the self-rejection of the PP's identity, the current party in the Spanish government, which counts with the best and biggest support of the Spanish people. 

They are conservative, libertarian and cristian and they aspire to take the governement Mariano Rajoy reject to execute. 

Can you imagine a president like her?. What are you telling me...Don't you know who's she?. Ok, you can listen to her and get an idea of what VOX can do for our country, devastated by Mr. Zapatero and "suspended" in the deep of the cesspool by Mariano Rajoy with the surprisingly (for a supposed conservative leader and party) continuation of the Zapatero's program.

So here you are, intelligence and beauty, for our candidate for the next general elections: VOTE VOX! ;)