miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

Felipe VI the King of Spain!

Felipe VI King Of spain

Hello again!.

He's our new king, the King of Spain Felipe VI .

We know several things at one day before the ceremony:

a).-It will be a ceremony without non invitation for anyone. I don't know who has decided not to invite any member or high representation of any country or friendly monarchy. Let me express that it seems like if they don't want it to be wide open public, to the entire world.

b).-It will be a ceremony with no cross all over the room.

c).-It will be a ceremony with non catholic signals or signs and of course, it won't be a religious ceremony. We are traditionally a catholic country so I don't understand why we must hide this aspect, a historic aspect from which we should be and feel proud.

And the next thing:

What do you think about the flag?. In Spain it's sooo badly considered showing our flag... If you wear your country's flag you will be called FASCIST and this is something that our new king should start to change. It's time to change all these aspects of this, his and my country has.

In the Felipe VI's wedding day (when he still was Prince of Spain) we couldn't watch any Spanish flag. Why?. Only he and her wife know why. This was so well prepared that when you were watching our (now) Kings in their wedding day you didn't really know in which country did they were celebrating their ceremony: NO FLAG COULD BE WATCHED in the Almudena's Cathedral or along the ride by the Madrid city where they decided to pass.

So the question is: Will we can watch any flag all along the streets of the Spanish capital, Madrid?.

Anyway, good luck Felipe VI and I desire you the best and we all hope that you keep the unity of our country, because this is your main role: DON'T FORGET IT. Your father has left you the worst heritage which can be dropped from a king to his prince: a country with real and dangerous problems of political destruction with risk of fraticidal HATE and CIVIL WAR (consequences of missaction for the last 39 years).

Let's wait 24h and see what happens. :)

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