domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

Congratulations Rafa Nadal for your 9th Roland Garros !!

Today Rafa Nadal has won his 9th Grand Slam at Roland Garros.
He has made history "even more" than what we could expect when he won his first Roland Garros.

Rafa, you are the best tennis player in at Roland Garros and the number one.

You are a great person in and out the court and you have demonstrated to be one of the best models for the next generations for the Spanish people and the rest of the children in the world.
Enjoy your last success and we hope to see you the next year, at Roland Garros, wining it again!!.

Here's my sketch, base for my next Rafa Nadal's illustration .

Rafa Nadal Roland Garros 2014

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