martes, 29 de julio de 2014

A simple landscape painted with my 3'7" Motorola Defy...Just so funny!

landscape motorola


This was a fast painting made on my 3'7" Motorola cellular phone (and my fingers).

As always, is the best way to kill some times when you get bored, aren't you?.

See you soon , with new paintings, the next time some much more serious and important forme. He he...

#landscape #motorola #Defy #cellular #fingers

viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Captain America, one of my favourite superheroes

Hello again.

This could perfeclty be a cover for a Marvel's comic of Captain America.

Did you know that Captain America is one of my favourite superheroes?. It's like if he had some kind of feelings and behaviours in something like a "mute" mode.

He is the supersolider, the perfect soldier!.

He defends his nation and all the thinkings that make a nation great and powerful.

The last movie about Captain America was the most I liked. I didn't expect who was the winter soldier and all the history about the Hydra infiltration was really amazing.

I hope that Marvel continues producing and releasing new Captain America's movies.

Thanks for watching it!.

#captain #america #illustration #marvel

martes, 1 de julio de 2014

This is my "Transcendt " pendrive painted with my fingers in my 3.7" Motorola Defy.

This is one of my pendrives.

I started to paint it meanwhile I was taking a rest after playing padel, sat on my sofa.

It's a bit hard to make lines/edges as perfect as they should or at least as I wish to but SketchBook Xpress doesn't offer any kind of help for this question, so the only way is correct and correct and your practice and hability...

The Xpress version has only 3 layers to paint, but for me it's enough. If you can manage them well  you can paint all what you want.

See you soon.