miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Francoise Hollande caricature...With iPad!!

francoise holland humor caricature
Well, this is the moment for the new president of France. A socialist who knows he can do all what he wants in economy without and consequence (apparently), like elevate the taxes and investing big amounts of money from the national budget in improductive and innefficient public companie.

But I wanted to express my total satisfaction with my new iPad 3, as a gift from my engaged.

This caricature was painted COMPLETELY with the new iPad and its application named Procreate. With this App from the company Si you can paint with your fingers or any other tool like any capacitive stylus with NO LAG and with some amazing dynamic properties like the opacity directly incrementative as a function of the speedof your drawing.

At first time I though that I need a stylus, a very pointed stylus...But when I was flying towards Seville, Spain to meet with my engaged I decided to start Francoise Hollande, in the Boeing B-737 800 series and I discovered I can paint with total precision , no lag in an amazing way I never watched before in a tablet.

Can you believe me if I told you that I never missed my Photoshop CS5 and my Wacom Intuos 4 Medium tablet?.

I painted this with my fingers in 1h of flying, 2hs waiting from my medium distance train from Seville to El Puerto De Santa Maria in the Santa Justa train station and 1 more hour travelling to El Puerto De Santa Maria: 4 hrs of painting with my fingers with this wonderful App in this wonderful gadget, THE NEW iPad of 2012.