lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

Bolonia's beach landscape at Cadiz, Spain!

Bolonia Beach landscape
Hello again.

Here you are my new illustration, in this case a landscape.

Last saturday the 18th of August of this year, I past a whole day at the beach, Bolonia's beach in Cádiz, Spain.
A virgin beach with a high dune of sand where we could see many people climbing it searching ...Something like an alien assimilation??. Hahahahaha...All people walked to there and what did we find?...Another dune and another one more!!...Hahahaha, what a disappointment!. 

Cold and really transparent water for these waters of the Atlantic ocean...I recommend this beach if you are in the Cádiz province of Spain.

The landscapes you can see there are awesome. It's for painting beautiful illustrations.

See you soon...Very soon...Here!.