miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Varoufakis the Rocketeer and the Grexit


This is Varoufakis and his final:

This is what happens when an economics minister has no idea of what economy means. It's usual among the leftist economists but in this case it's the most representative of all them, friend of Paul Krugman, as you could imagine.

The best he could do was go out as soon as possible and leave rest the greek people.

The problem still remains because Syriza and Tsipras don't guarantee anything.

Greece has been saved from bankruptcy three times and it means a failed policy from Europe, who don't know how to make the measures to be accomplished in order to rescue definitelly Greece.

Varoufakis and Siryza sank Greece into this hole from where they can't go out with a complete libertarian measures and a serious control of the budget and deficit.

Anyway, these persons like Varoufakis, who always seem to be ready to enter in a disco, have their lifes solved forever. He won't sufer any issue or "corralito". Who knows where his money is...

I wouldn't give greek people more money if we don't take the control of all the country economy  until the recovery would have become.

Have a good trip Varoufakis and we hope never see you again...

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