martes, 9 de junio de 2015

Nicolás Maduro , Íñigo Errejón and Pablo Iglesias

Well, so here you are my last illustration : Nicolas Maduro, one of the latest dictators , the best representation of the ultra-leftists and the neocommies which have ruined latin america.

nicolas maduro pablo iglesias iñigo errejon

But what I want to express here is how he has spent the money of venezolan people supporting the ultraleftist Spanish party " Podemos ", with millionary contracts of "advices".

The left one is Íñigo Errejón and the right oine is Pablo Iglesias, #2 and #1 respectively of Podemos , the Spanish political party.

These people has hate hate and overall a total unknown of the minimum concepts of economy.

It's a mix among the worst of the comunism, the worst of the Spanish civil war and an absolutely lack of respect to the rival. 

They don't want the pivate property for the rest but for they, the leaders.

The cause the most horrible fears among the international and national inverstors. The model of the bolivarian republic installed in Venezuela is projecting shadows over Spain.

Within only 6 months we will know wether Podemos has something to say or not in the Spanish politics. 

Pablo Iglesias is a radical and violent leader without no idea of economics. And Iñigo Errejon is a young boy with less idea than his leader at anything. Is people who wants for the rest what they don't want for them: the tipycal commies.

Corruption, unemployment and the continuous leftist policies by leftist governments and (supposed) conservative government of Mariano Rajoy has arised so high that has become unsupportable to resist a TV news program fully filled of corruption news one behind the other and again and again.

People desperately believe in Pablo Iglesias and Iñigo Errejon, as if they were some kind of messiahs...And the only will take Spain HATE, HATE and more ruin, over the actual debries.

In my opinion, as a party who is self-called "anti-system", they should be declared illegal and finish it.