miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

Edward Snowden!

Hello!. This is Edward Snowden. Lately we are hearing too many things about him and we don't know anything. We've even heard that Hyperjustice-man Mr. Garzon was going to defend him against the USA, who is searching Snowden.
I think that all this is one more smoke courtain of Obama who is trying to hide his illegal spy acts against the TEA PARTY. The most important thing here and with Obama is this : OBAMA HAS BEEN SPYING THE TEA PARTY. and for this same reason, Richard Nixon was forced to abandon the White House. This is the doble way of understanding the same thing for the left media and parties: one thing for conservative leaders is a crime and the same thing for a progressist leader is "well considered" . So well considered that must be hidden even for some comunist countries as Venezuela, Russia or Ecuador.

You can watch more at my personal blog (for the wittygraphy visitors):

I hope you like it!.

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