jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

Do you remember Ace Attorney?.Some illustrations for Law Paths.

This is the process of making an illustration for a game in which I'm taking part. From some sketches and an initial concept of the idea I developed some points of view for giving some visions of how the final illustration could be.

Do you remember A.A. (Ace Attorney)? . Well, this is a graphics adventure game based on this well known title, for the lovers of games of trials but, in this case, with some and interesting elements which will bring you the essence of these kind of games. If you liked Ace Attorney, you must play Law Paths.

So, from an initial idea and concept of the scenary, we get the next attempts around it.

The first attempt:

Ace Attorney game Law Paths

The sencond attempt: 

Ace Attorney game Law Paths     

The third attempt:

And the final image:

Ace Attorney game Law Paths

Thanks for watching it.