jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2016

Which color combination choose for it? ( Modelled in 3DSMAX and rendered with Corona )

Hello friends.

I'm thinking about the color for my character and here you are some variations in the color.

I love each one but my character needs a color NOW, because he wants to live the experiences that the book in which he will gonna take part as main character needs to be released as soon as possible.

Let's see which color do you think fits better for him!.

Please feel free to write your election!.

You can choose an option in my poll here or write answering in the answers section of this post:

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It has been modelled in 3DSMAX and rendered with Corona.

And the colors are:

corona renderer 3DSMAX
a).-The red and gold

corona renderer 3DSMAX
b).-Violet and light blue.

corona renderer 3DSMAX
c).-Electric blue and gold.

corona renderer 3DSMAX
d).-Green and gold.

Thank you in advance.