lunes, 3 de agosto de 2015

Manuela Carmena painted with iPad mini retina

Manuela Carmena Dibujo Caricatura


And this is the turn of #Manuela, #Manuela #Carmena.

It was painted with #iPad #Retina and #Procreate, the best combination in my opinion for #iPad #Mini.

She's the new major of #Madrid, capital of Spain and as all her mates, comes with the craziest and most neocomunist ideas you can imagine.

One of the last is the publishing in an official website of which media is telling the truth and which one not. 

But always figure out the uncontrolable rising of all the taxes, one of their favourites is the tax for the tourism, the most important resource of incomings for Madrid and Spain.

How could a neocomunist arrive to the government of one of the most important cities in Europe?. It's a mistery.

Because some ideas as the creation of a new currency to avoid the Euro and the limit of the budget in order to control the deficit always are kept in mind by people like Manuela Carmona. the subjacent idea of spend spend spend money (which is not theirs) with the excuse of a "social coverage" is the most pathetic thing you can hear because this always cause unemployment, due to the rise of taxes and the sinking of the investement and potential consumers.

Believe me if I tell you that a major like her can ruine millions of lifes in a city and the others which are located around it.

They will never understand that themost important is decrease the taxes and leave the economy flows.

But in country where it's forbiden pronounce the word "libertarian" ...What can you expect?. Our destiny is the complete ruine, as the greeks or argentinians has tasted coming from these neocomunist ideas,

God bless us and good luck.