miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

Íñigo Errejón !

íiñigo errejón

This is one of the main leaders of  " #Podemos " , the latest neo - comunist and bolivarian party in Spain, which is taking advantage over the rest of the old parties in Spain.

It's told that it's being supported with millions of euros from Maduro's regime and the Iranian's regime and several documents have revealed that this is true.

The Maduro's regime has tried to export his regime in a really agressive way never seen before to an European country like Spain, in exchange of the support of #podemos to the Maduro's regime in the all the European chambers when any resolution which condemns this regime has to be approved and #podemos doesn't vote, for instance.

 #Iñigo #Errejón is one of the main leaders of #Podemos and I haven't seen before a doctoral which earns 1800€/month in Spain. And he gained his internship compiting against no one.

He and his party assure that they will fight against the corruption among the whole political spectrum but by other hand, they are achieving accords with the most corrupted political forces like #PSOE (socialist party).

These leaders and concretelly Errejón has no experience in politics and even worse (for them) in the daily life.

They have no idea about the real world in terms of politics and it's hard listen to how they adore the Nicolás Maduro 's regime, despite of the kills in the streets when citizens go out or when citizens can't get basic products, or when people die in the hospitals.