jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

A pear painted with my new Motorola MOTO G 2nd generation and SketchBookXpress

SketchBook Pro Motorola Moto G


This is a fast painting of a pear I painted last wednesday in the underground with my fingers and my new #Motorola #MotoG 2nd generation using #SketchBook Pro for #Android, in its free version.

I've got to say that as always, it was really funny and easy to work with this .apk from #Autodesk.

Let me comment my exprience from two points of view:

a).-Related to the specs of my new Moto G and the physical conditions for paint with and in it: I miss a bit more sensitivity for the screen of this fantastic cellular phone and anything else. I need more preassure than I would want for each trace with my finger. I bought a new stylus from #wacom and the little issue wasn't solved, much more the disgusting sensation of "too much preassure nedded" makes you feel that you will need to buy a new nib sooner than later. :-/  

b).-Related to the apk SketchBook Pro for Android: I miss rather than more layers to paint more brushes for adding more kind of details like speckles, holes or textures of noise. An editor for the creation of new brushes would be one of the most important wishes to be added to the wishlist for future versions to come. The ability to change the time to pick a color simply pressing on the screen a few seconds would be necessary in order to improve the productivity and one more, two sliders in one side of the screen for change the opacity and size of the brush would be wonderful, like Procreate for iPad has (this is the reference for the last 4 years in all kind of portable gadgets intended to paint) .But I have to admit that it's enough for being free. 

So here you are my last pear. Do you wanna taste it?. ;)