jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Alberto Ruiz Gallardón

alberto Ruiz Gallardón ETA

This is a tribute to the most inneficient minister of justice Spain has ever got. He promised the independence of the highest court in Spain, The CGPJ which should have been elected by other judges, NO BY THE TWO MAIN PARTIES. He hasn't modified the way our justice works in order to become more effective and modern: the disorder in the offices and justice facilities is caotic: some cases which in a modern country could be solved within months in Spain takes 25 times more (sometimes decades). The former law of the abort allows aborts with the excuse of "psycological discomfort" by the possible mother and the result is the most negative rate of births in the developed world (You could take this as something like a silence collective suicide for a whole country). And the worst: the amnisty of the most dangerous terrorists of the ETA terrorist group. The terrorists with 25 kills (and more) in other countries would have found the death penalty (for instance). In Spain Gallardón has taken out all of these terrorists with more than 15 kills on their backs with only 23 years inside the jail. 

The last point is what Spanish people can't understand due to the no explanation of this policy. Thi is why we all think that the Government is negotiating with the ETA terrorist group with the false hope of the PEACE. 

The two last governments have made possible ETA has reached the government of the cities, regions and now in the future, hopes to reach the National Congress with the collaboration of the last two administrations. Mariano Rajoy Brey is developing the next part of the accords reached with the last administration, the administration of J. L. R. Zapatero.

The blood of the 900 victims killed by ETA is on the back of Gallardón and Mariano Rajoy Brey and the rest who are betraying Spanish people, who don't deserve this.

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