viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

Oriol Junqueras

Hey!. What's the matter with my brain??. Where that mosquito came from?

Oriol Junqueras Goebbles Radovan Karadzic caricature

He's Oriol Junqueras. He's a secessionist leader in the region of CataluÑa, Spain.He believes that breaking his country, SPAIN, will save all his voters and his region, CataluÑa. As all the nationalists, he's full of hate against his own citizens and his mosquito's brain can't leave think clear. 

He and his party use methods and techniques in terms of propaganda which remember to the

Joseph Goebbels' and Radovan Karadžić ones and his party uses a flag of an ex-terrorist group called Tierra Libre (Terra Lliure) as you can watch here

and here .

Depending on when the government of Mariano Rajoy will turn off this illegal party and finish off this nightmare all spaniards will rest peacefully.

Enjoy the illustration!.