martes, 9 de abril de 2013

Margaret Tatcher

Margaret Tatcher  humor caricature

This is Margaret Tatcher, one of my favourite leaders. She has became the paradigm for the libertarians in Europe. And is one of the best references of how a leader has to be if he wants to be a good libertarian-conservative leader.

She leave a group of terrorists die in their hunger strike, she gave the order to elimnate a group of IRA terrorists in Gibraltar with an excellent SAS operation and recovered the proud which had been lost due to a decadent society and stablishment of before the arrival of Tatcher.

She introduced the libertarian conservative ideas as Ronald Reagan did in the USA. And fought against unions with one of the most radical position from them, who saw how all their priviledges (subsidies, something very familiar in Spain, unfortunately) where crushed and disappeared with the policy of Margaret.

Since the election of Margaret Tatcher G.Britain wouldn't be the same. G.Britain has achieved the highest rates of growing and the higest rates of opportunities for companies and employees.

The war in Falkland Islands was a complete demonstration of how to manage a crisis of invaders in your territory. and even argentinians were pleased Margaret , indirectly, liberated them from videla's and company regime (the disaster for the argentinian army was so important that the regimen collapsed).

This is the definition of a good leader. R.I.P. Margaret Tatcher.