martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Artur Mas heading for his secret accounts in Lietchestein...

Artur Mas camelot excalibur
Hi!. This is Artur Mas but he could perfectly been autorenamed as Arthur Mas (The Little) King, with his (little) Excalibur and his (little) (donkey) steed towards (Camelot) Lietchestein...

He's a separatist and anti-Spanish leader, who has driven Cataluña to the bankrupcy: its debt with the rest of spaniards is about 20000 million Euro meanwhile he has "earned" the incredible amount of 7 million Euro only "working for the people" as president of Cataluña: this is what the nationalisms are used for, with the excuse of the superiority of one people over the rest, the leaders become richer and richer among and enveloped of nationalist flags and anthems...but his fortune is safe in Lietchestein with several secret accounts.He has mounted ambassies all around the world and the latest: "Cataluña was a reign...". Maybe he wants to be the king, "The Little Arthur King"...OF THE RUIN HE HAS LEFT!.

He has lost the latest elections in Cataluña due to his secret accounts in Lietchestein and the cuts in social services as hospitals except independent and separatist projects.

He's the best example of what the nationalism means: RUIN AND HATE for his people against the rest, but fortune and treasures for these little leaders...

You can watch it at this well known website:

Enjoy it.