domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Bashar Al-Assad

Bashar Al-Assad
Hi!. This is Bashar Al-Assad. His massacre against the syrian people rises to a hundred per day for the last year...Incredible!.

His particular massacre started around the same date as the former Lybian regime did but there's a significative difference: Lybia has oil and Syria hasn't.

With the G.W.Bush administration it didn't matter because this administration didn't stole a liter of the Iraqui oil but with the Obama administration it's significatively different: Obama supported an attack and change of regime in Lybia but didn't do the same with Syria, when the massacre is being much more important than the few citizens killed by Gadafi.

Obama's style has allowed Bashar kill thousands of his own citizens because he thinks that the ONU "influence" will do the job.

No Obama no...Why don't you copy G.W.Bush style and clean the zone or better said: Why don't you continue the cleaning of the zone?. G.W.Bush did the most difficult so you should only continue something that started 8 years ago.

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